Create a campaign via API?

We are currently looking for a solution to help us send out newsletters from our custom CMS.  Some of our clients have 1000s of subscribers on the mailing list and we don't have the resources to properly handle this. A tool like campaign monitor sounds ideal.

However the one thing I am not aware of is whether we can actually send a campaign via the API.  In the sense that our clients can click "send" in the CMS and the CMS then transparently contacts campaign monitor, updates the mailing list if neccessary, gives it the email content to send and then sends it. Since our clients can compose their own newsletter in our CMS this is crucial. We don't want them to have to use another tool just to send newsletters.


Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hey Robin,

Apologies for your question not getting answered earlier, that delay is far from what we aimed for when establishing these forums and I'll make sure it's not a continuing trend.

As I just mentioned to another customer, I can certainly confirm that this functionality is on our internal roadmap. We know that it will certainly come in handy for many of you, and let you use CM in much cooler ways from your own apps and web sites. We have a policy of not sharing exactly when features like this will be launched, as our priorities are always changing based on what you guys are asking for most.

I can tell you this is something we plan on supporting sooner rather than later, but we have a few highly requested features we'll be getting to first. As soon as we know when it's going to be supported, we'll let you all know through the blog.

Also, I know you mention you'd prefer your customers to use your CMS to compose their emails, but if you're at all flexible on this, MailBuild makes it really easy for your customers to build their own emails without any design or coding skills. Here's a quick demo of how it works.

shirelogic, 9 years ago

Just to say that I'd also really appreciate being able to send a campaign using the API. In my case I want to run a weekly script on my server that will pull recent content from a database, build the email and send it to CM for delivery to a subscriber list.

Alex D, 9 years ago

I'll add my official vote for this functionality. I Would love to integrate MailBuild into my CMS in exactly the way rmassart described.

Alex Duffield - Owner
InControl Solutions
bcollins, 9 years ago

This would be a huge benefit to us too!

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