Defining who receives an email

We are building Create Send integration into our CRM solution and are struggling with the best way to identify the contacts to send a campaign to. The ideas (and problems) we have are:

1. Have a standard custom field on the list and create a segment. The problem with this is that most of what we need to do is not available through the API, which is clear the field, add new values, build the segment;

2. Create a new list for each campaign - this could run to hundreds or thousands and the additional programming to get unsubscribes etc. is quite onerous.

Ideal scenario is to have a single list and be able to bulk upload the contacts to receive a specific campaign.

Also, is there anywhere where you publish a roadmap fro the API? It would be useful to be able to see what is being added and when - and may save some posts on the forum.



travisbell travisbell, 7 years ago

Hey Russell,

Could you explain what your ultimate goal is a little better? I am not totally clear on the workflow you're after and that might help me steer you in the right direction.

At this time we do not publish any parts of our roadmap but we do listen to feedback so if there is something you're looking for make sure to mention it to us.

Travis Bell
RussellW, 7 years ago

Our CRM system enables users to carry out selections that they then wish to send emails to. These selections can be quite detailed and usually result in a unique mailing list for that particular campaign. As a result we need to provide Campaign Monitor with the specific list of people to be emailed for a campaign - it will not be a segment that can be predefined as the targets will only be known at the time of the mailing. Ideally we would bulk upload the list of contacts at the time of the mailing, although uploading one at a time is not the end of the world.

Also, we want to use Campaign Monitor to manage website sign ups and unsubscribes, so it seems that a single list would be the simplest, providing we can run custom selections for each mail out.

Many thanks


RussellW, 7 years ago

Any ideas on this cm?

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