Testing Personalised Subject Fields

Think I must just be having a Friday moment but I can't work out how to test a personalised e-mail subject that I've set up to use Name...There's an A/B split with one version using [fullname,fallback=] but I can't see the normal 'test using Person X's details' option - has this changed or been removed? Or is it because I introduced the personalisation as the B option after the campaing was already created? Please help :)

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

Hello, you just tripped upon some really interesting app behaviour! Please set your personalized subject line as Subject A, then it will work. If personalization is only featured in Subject B, then you won't get the option to 'Test using Person X's details'. I've passed on that quirk - it's certainly us, not you :)

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firebrandyouth, 7 years ago

Thanks, rpshodgekiss.

Sorry, didn't notice this reply until now as had discovered the same workaround myself.

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