batch sending

We'd like the option to send our CM emails out in batches in order to reduce strain on our server when people come to us from a link, as having 20,000 people hitting a website at once is undesirable for one of our clients.

At present we are sending it out as six separate campaigns but this is less than ideal, as we cannot track them in one place and have to collate information to make it meaningful. Is there a better option or do we really need to send emails out in batches of 2500 at a time?

Dave Dave, 10 years ago

Hey hoop, we don't support delivery throttling I'm afraid, so the only way to spread those sends out is to send multiple campaigns. Having said that, most web servers should have no trouble handling the sort of traffic your full list would generate, considering your recipients will open the email over a staggered time line, and not all at once.

hoop, 10 years ago

Usually yes, but this client is a hot-trigger account and they tend to behave in blocks of thousands per second...

royrubin, 9 years ago

@Dave - we are also having issues and throttling is a real need (hint hint) :)

The issue is not the email delivery per say, but the ensuing traffic that comes as a result. The issue is so sever in our case that we've actually put off sending emails so that the site remains up.

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Thanks for dropping in Roy, and a huge congrats on the success of Magento to date! We'll certainly take the throttling suggestions on board and I understand where you're coming from. The short-term solution would be to segment your list and send the campaign in 2 or more separate campaigns to spread he traffic load over time.

lischq, 8 years ago

hmm. Was looking for any info on throttling sends, and all I found was this 2-year-old forum post. Is this feature still being considered for CM? thanks

Barefoot, 8 years ago

Agreed -- while manual segmenting is an option, it's hardly workable for the target audience.  Bottom line is that if Campaign Monitor doesn't add this soon we're going to have to start moving clients to some service that can do this.

Easiest interface change, I think, would be to add an option to just delay sending in-between existing segments that are defined for a campaign.  ie. we'll happily define segments that will split the list appropriately; then when we define recipients if you see that multiple segments have been chosen, you could ask on the sending page what delay should be used between segments.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 8 years ago

Hi lischq and Barefoot, many thanks for your posts. We still have batch sending/throttling of sends in mind, however we can't confirm what the timeframe will be for this feature. Please keep up the feedback - we'll let you know if more firm plans come about.

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DavidNoel, 8 years ago

Uh yes, would love to see that possibility. We'd actually need it tomorrow but no pressure :)

+1 on throttling.

artdepoo, 7 years ago


We are looking for another Email Marketing Software for a big clients of us, but we really need more flexibility in splitting lists and sending a campaign over multiple days. Do you have anymore news about these feature requests?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

Hi artdepoo, welcome to the forums! Batch sending in this manner is still under consideration, I'm sorry to say. Have you looked at using segments to split up your lists, then sending over multiple days?

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artdepoo, 7 years ago

Segments is OK for splitting up different age groups or language groups. But it's not very user friendly if I need to target about 4 test groups of exact 500 people.
Creating different segments would be possible when querying on the subscription date, but it is also not very accurate. The problem is that we imported a list from another Email Marketing Software, so we start from scratch with the subscription date.

mshah, 6 years ago

I agree, I need batch sending so that we don't get overwhelmed from phone and email contact that results from the mail.
Splitting up into different campaigns messes with the reports.

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