test email received in spam folder

Hi, I recently sent a text html email to my client via campaign monitor.  The html basically was an entire jpeg.

They called me and mentioned that it had gone stright into their spam folder in outlook.

Does this happen regularly? and whats the best way to stop it?

I sometimes get spam that has entire jpeg images, and they don't go into my spam folder all the time?


Dave Dave, 10 years ago

Outlook's default spam filtering is a 100% content based system, so if your email is landing int heir spam filter, it's purely because of the actual content (or lack thereof). If you're looking for some reasons why this might be happening, you can always run it through our design and spam testing service.

More importantly though, simply sending an entire jpg is a really bad way to approach your emails because of image blocking and spam filtering. We've written more about why it's important to avoid all-image emails here.

thecount, 10 years ago

many thanks, point taken.

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