Preview available for BlackBerry HTML Email?

I'm having a problem with an html email template that renders fine everywhere except for the BlackBerry. Unfortunately, switching to text is not a preferred option so I'm trying to debug or find a workaround. My problem is I don't have a BlackBerry device and it seems that the preview function only displays text? Is there a way for me to get the html email preview for a BlackBerry?

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

We use external services to generate the screenshots, and it does appear that the versions they provide are not HTML aware ones at this time, although we'd expect that to change in the future.

Do you know anyone with a device that might help you out?

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femmebot, 7 years ago

Well, the folks who have reported problems with their BlackBerry are remote and can only describe that the html emails aren't rendering properly. Seems as though you can't take a screenshot on BBs either -- is that true? The issue also doesn't seem to affect all BlackBerry devices. I've also attempted to install an emulator but can't get it to work with the email simulator. BlackBerry support is really pitiful.

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