Does CampaignMonitor Compete With It's Own Resellers?

On one of the first things I see is the price which seems to potentially undercut resellers.

Does CampaignMonitor offer any discount pricing or incentives for resellers?

It looks like my clients could implement and distribute email campaigns cheaper by creating their own account.


Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago


No, we don't compete with resellers, but there is not any special reseller pricing. However, when you setup your Campaign Monitor account to rebrand it, your clients never see any mention of Campaign Monitor at all, so unless they already know about Campaign Monitor they won't see the pricing.

If they do already know about it, then of course they could signup directly, but that is not really avoidable. There is a whole other domain used for your actual account, separate to

They'd still need the web design skills though and we have plenty of customers who charge more than the base rates while not rebranding at all.

That's because they are charging for the custom templates, consulting, help and so on.

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danpoynor, 7 years ago

My clients tend to be competent using Google search unfortunately. They don't have to 'already know' about Campaign Monitor to easily figure out where they can get a better price at a glance of the homepage!

Doing a search for any kind of emailing marketing brings up (in the natural search results at least). How does that not directly compete with resellers trying to create market share? Based on the investment has made in it's focused content I think a high value has been placed on SEO which resellers can never compete with directly.

How about moving the CampaignMonitor price to a sub page at least? For example - retail product companies, such as HP, tend to respect retailers/resellers and not place blatant direct sales promotions on the homepage which undercut retailers. They would loose a substantial number of retailers if they did that.

I'm not sure CampaignMonitor even understandsthe delicate relationship they have with potential resellers and can eventually lower it's direct to consumer price or increase it's direct to consumer sales presence or do other damage.

I'm already providing web design skills and custom email templates to several clients. What's the upside to creating a reseller account through CampaignMonitor for my clients that have any internet or marketing savvy though?

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Hi Dan,

Doing any kind of search for email marketing brings up hundreds of options, many of which will be cheaper than Campaign Monitor, so if you are relying on your clients never searching at all, it is unlikely to be successful.

If they have the technical capabilities to create their own templates, the time and the interest in doing it, then they may well be better going direct to us or any other system - unless you offer something more than those systems do on their own.

Hiding the pricing further in will just annoy the web designers who are our actual customers, and not prevent anyone with any kind of interest in finding out, so it doesn't seem like it would help your concerns.

Campaign Monitor is aimed at web designers who offer their clients a customised service, template built for them specifically with direct knowledge of their business. We don't know your clients (or potential clients), so we'd never be able to compete with you in that area.

Campaign Monitor is not a *reseller* system, but a *rebranding* system, which does change the approach we take.
Check out for plenty of examples of rebranding in action.

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Chr1s, 7 years ago

Hi Dan,

We are a reseller (or 'rebrander') too and have over 100 customers. Not one of them has discovered our little secret sofar (I must admit we are not in the English language zone). I think an important factor is not to pretend that you developed your branded tool yourself. Just don't emphasize on where the application comes from and when specifically asked, explain that you did a good deal of market research and came up with this solution as the best and are bringing it to market under your own label now.

If a customer discovers you're using CM after the fact, well... most clients understand everybody needs to make a profit right? And if they discover CM before you sign 'm up yourself, you can still offer your template designing and consulting services.

I can understand your concerns in a way, but I really think it's not as big a risk as you think. And for CM, it would be a catch 22: without marketing, no sales; and without sales, how would they further develop or even support the solution? And that would bring on a whole new problem for us resellers: I'd hate to tell my 100+ customers "Sorry guys, we're pulling the plug" because CM had to stop alltogether.

And finally: real savvy customer can and will always find out anything, no matter if you use CM or any other rebrandable email marketing tool out there.

Still not over OL2007
Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Thanks for your thoughts Chris, that's very much what we've heard from designers in the past too.

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