Restrict sending

I'd like to implement a sign up form on my website that automatically creates a new account through the API.
Since I pay on behalf of all my clients and thus need their financial data to invoice them, I'd like to restrict the sending possibilities for the new account to no more than 5 addressees (or no sending at all), until I have checked their data.
Can this be done?

Joris Put

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

You can  certainly do that using the API, as you have full control over the level of access a new client account will have.

After creating the new client, use the to define what that client can do.

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jorisput, 7 years ago


Looking at the access levels chart, I can't find a way to allow a potential new client to test all aspects of the service and at the same time restrict them from sending out a campaign to more than 5 addresses.
To enable them to at least experience the ease of creating a newsletter from a template, I'd need to apply an access level 5 to the new account. This would also allow the client to manually enter up to 10 e-mail addresses and send out a mailing (correct me if i'm wrong). If that client entered some fake data while signing up (address or VAT number), there's no way for me to invoice them for a "test campaign" they sent to more than 5 addresses.

If I'm missing something and this can be done, please tell me how. If not, I'd like to see this feature in a future update.

Joris Put

davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

Hi Joris,

Actually, even at access level 5, they would be able to manually add as many recipients they'd like, just 10 at a time. What might be best is to set up all clients to pay for themselves initially, then once they sign on, reset them so that you pay for them instead.

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