Disable link tracking on a image within a repeater


I'm using a repeater to produce a sort of custom table of content. Here is the code.

<img src="<$imagesrc link='true'$>" width="150" height="150" align="bottom" hspace="5" /><br/>
<p class="permission2"><$description default='image title'$></p>

but the links are pointing to the email itself, using the "href=#1" on the image link, and having a "<a name=1 />" on the other side.
but I can't disable link tracking on the image. the only solution is to add the tag "cm_dontconvertlink", but this won't work in this case because the href tag is created by the imagesrc tag.

do you have any suggestion on how to solve my problem ?



Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Unfortunately it isn't possible to turn off the link tracking in this situation, but we'll certainly record that as a request. Are the links always pointing to different locations? (As in, you can't hard code them to certain points in the template)

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