Problems connecting to API via .net wrapper.


I'm trying to connect to the api using the dll. I'm coding in c# 3.5 from an mvc web app. When calling the api I'm getting an error which is 'The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure'. Any ideas why?


beansbox, 7 years ago


We have trouble connecting to the API too but we're using PHP. Any help would be appreciated.


tobyb tobyb, 7 years ago

Hi Guys,

As I've mentioned to Lloyd in his support request, we're not seeing any issues with the API at the moment and the certificate used in the API is the same as is used through the app and once again there are no issues using the app via ssl either. As a result we're pretty sure there must be an environment issue causing these connection problems

Belle: Are you having the simliar issues to Lloyd i.e certificate validation problems? If you can send the details through to then we'll be able to look into your issue further.


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