Questions about customs fields

Hello there,

I'm wondering how I shoud use the code to show up a custom field in my html template.
I've set up a csv file with all my subscribers, all of them have specific values (like postal adress, phone, etc..) and everything is fine when I try to send a campaign (Step 4.1 - Test your campaign) and choose this option "Send the test using a random recipient's details to test personalization"

For example, the syntax I use :


That's all?

It doesn't seems to works for me, I try with my pesronal email adress (which is a active in my subscriber list) and all the custom field are empty...I don't know what I'm doing wrong..

Sorry for my english :)

Tons of thanks in advance!!

davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

Hi simon_a,

The syntax you are using is perfectly correct. If your custom fields are empty for your email address, it won't show anything unless you supply a fallback term, something like

Hello [customfirstname,fallback=customer]

If you have an empty field for customfirstname, then it will use the word 'customer' from your fallback term.

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simon_a, 7 years ago

Hi Davida,

Thanks you very much, it work perfectly! :)
Thanks again

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