Spam complaint ethics

I used CM for the first time this week sending to a small list of subscribers (1500) who are customers of my client's hair salon. I noticed that despite these subscribers being actual customers who willing gave their email address to my client 4 of whom have flagged the email as spam. I'd like to question their motive. Is it ethical to contact these 4 individuals and ask them why? or tell them the implications of their action?

I welcome your thoughts

Mathew Mathew, 10 years ago

I think if your client was to contact them, since they are her customers, and just check if they thought they were just unsubscribing or if they really thought it was spam, that would be ok.

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philberesford, 10 years ago

Hi Mathew
That sounds like a good idea. I shall put it to her and see what she thinks. I'm sure she'll most likely be upset to hear she's getting marked as spam and would like to know why.


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