Default admin login page

Is there any chance we could get it changed so that we can specify the page we want to start on when we login?

Our reasoning behind this is that in our situation when we are demoing the admin area to a new client we quite often login as the master admin. This way we can easily show them some of our existing client who are using the software to its full potential, thus improving out chances of landing the new client.

Normally this wouldn't be an issue but when we first log into the admin account, it shows the client list and billing overview. Something I'm sure you agree shouldn't be shown to the prospective client.

An initial start page would be great if we could get it, even if it just lists the client in the system.

BThies BThies, 7 years ago

One way you could do it (and I hope this doesn't get me in trouble)..

When you're on the main admin page, right-click and view the page source.  Scroll down in the code till you see the names of the accounts.  They should look like this one after another:

<tr class="dashRow" id="nocs_0" onmouseover="showDelete('nocs_0')" onmouseout="hideDelete('nocs_0')">
                <td width="100%" class="rowLeft"><strong><a href="changeClient.aspx?ID=8B7C1A320012D475&al=C44040438AC4859C&name=Generic+Name">Generic Name</a></strong>

Copy what's in the <a> link, then use it in your standard log in like this:

As you see above, it's simply the log in site + the admin directory + the link.

Save that link, and use it when logging in.  As soon as you're logged in it'll take you immediately to that company's page.

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