Subscriber report idea...

Not sure if this has been suggested, but I was thinking today that it would be a great feature to be able to add 'markers' to the subscriber report timeline which you can tag with a short text description highlighting any promotions you've done, both offline or online for a client.

For example, we're adding some functionality to a client's site at the moment to improve the prominence of the member signup area. It would great if I could log into CM and add a marker to the timeline today to say these changes went live, and then be able to see the positive / negative effect they had on signups. You could do this for offline promotions too, and it would provide a much more useful report for the client as over time they would have a graph which correlated their marketing initiatives with effects on signup numbers and allow them to plan their marketing strategy more effectively based on previous success / failures.

I realise I could just keep a paper copy of these dates and then manually tie them in, but this would be a much more elegant and useful solution.

Anyway, just an idea :) I'll get back to work now.



Dave Dave, 10 years ago

Cheers for the suggestions Alex. That isn't something we've had requested before, but I've added it to our internal wiki, and if the requests keep coming in we'll certainly consider it. We're planning on launching some cool new reports for the app soon that we think you guys are going to love.

Alex Alex, 10 years ago

Cheers for the update, new reports sound great - looking forward to seeing them!

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