Own (Exchange) Mail Server, DomainKeys (DKIM) & Sender ID Questions

Hi there,

We have our own email server and wish to get DomainKeys (DKIM) & Sender ID working, but I'm a little unclear on the best way to do it.

Our domain (domainname1 .co.uk) is hosted with 1and1, who I understand do not support DomainKeys (DKIM) & Sender ID text entries on their shared hosting account. The domain is registered with 123-reg.co.uk who do support DNS text entries, but the nameservers have been changed to 1and1, with an MX record pointing to our Exchange email server (Public IP Address) .

I have come up with a few possible workarounds and was wondering if they would work and any pros and cons to look out for.

1. Change the nameservers in the 123-reg.co.uk control panel back to the 123-reg.co.uk nameservers, MX pointed to our mail server & point to the relevant 1and1 hosting server's IP address for our website (set up an A record?)

2. Move DNS to an external DNS provider and do the same as above

3. Use an alternative domain (domainname2.co.uk) for the campaigns, and direct recipients to www.domainname1.co.uk website with the email links

4. Move website to another hosting provider that supports DNS text entries

Finally, would I still need to put DomainKeys (DKIM) & Sender ID entries into our mail server if we have done it at domain (DNS) level?

Thanks very much for any help.

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago


I've spoken with our sys admin here, and basically unless there is some strong reason not to, doing 1) would be the simplest way to go. 2) would also be fine.

The domain keys record for Campaign Monitor just needs to go onto the DNS for the actual domain that is used as your 'from' address, whichever that is.

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green, 7 years ago

Many thanks for your reply, much appreciated.

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