Adding images to a newsletter

I know it is possible to add images to a newsletter, but I can't seem to find how. Can someone give me a short and simple instruction on how to do this? Also, can I make images clickable?

Thanks in advance!

fyredefyre fyredefyre, 7 years ago

Hi exto,

Try this:

Image: <$imagesrc$>

Used inside the HTML <img> tag. Use this tag in place of your normal image URLs and you can update the image in the editor. Also allows your client to automatically wrap a link around the image.

Required Attribute

Not actually an attribute of the <$imagesrc$> tag, but you need to specify a width on your <img> tag. Any images wider than the specified width that are uploaded in its place will automatically be proportionally resized to the value set. Images narrower than specified will not be resized at all (the width tag will be updated to match the narrower image size in that case).
Optional Attributes

If included allows you to add a link to the image via the editor.

You can specify a default image that will be used in the email unless it is replaced when the campaign is edited. The filename should be the name of a jpg, gif or png image that has been uploaded with the template zip file.

<img src="<$imagesrc link='true' default='image.jpg'$>" width="200">

Also, try this link for more a of general overview of Campaign Monitor tokens: - Everything Email.
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exto, 7 years ago

Ok, thanks!

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