Images In Gmail

I have an HTML email that does not contain any images. I am only using HTML for CSS styling.

When the email is sent to Gmail, Gmail displays this annoying and distracting message at the top of the email:

Images are not displayed.
Display images below

I have tracked the problem down to the unsubscribe link having a 1 pixel gif image in the link. How do I get rid of this so that Gmail does not display this message?


Stig Stig, 7 years ago

Hi Ron,

We actually use the 1 pixel image in order to track opens, so there's no option to leave that out of HTML campaigns you send.

We realize this can be annoying in your particular situation, but unfortunately it's the only way to detect if an email was opened (unless the recipient clicked a link).


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warrisr, 7 years ago

Hello Stig,

Perhaps you can make open tracking an option?

As Google does not display images by default, statistics for our Gmail customers will be of little value anyways. Clicks on links are much more useful.


davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

Hi Ron,

We also track by link clicks, so if your recipient clicks a link without displaying images, they will be tracked as well.

The Campaign Monitor Blog – HTML email smarts to go with your good looks

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