preference center not what I am looking for, is there something else?

After doing some research it doesn't seem like the preference center is what I am looking for but maybe there is something else that I am missing that can meet this requirement.

Is there a link I can put on my website that gives users the following:

1.  the ability to update their info

2.  the ability to unsubscribe from all lists

So this is independent of any email or campaign,  I understand how the preference center can be used for this.   This is a standalone link to those 2 items (2 links).


Stig Stig, 7 years ago


There's no other way except the preference center to allow recipients to update their details. But you could build your own form for this, using our API.

For each list in your account, you'll find a link to "Unsubscribe settings" in the right column, where you can generate the HTML for an unsubscribe form, as well as choose if unsubscribes should apply to that list only, or all lists.


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ddbios, 7 years ago

Hi there,.

In the preference center I would expect the already registered information to show up.
I was testing, and dont see this (only in one filed - a select box).

I cant get eg the name and address to show up ..
How else will users know what information they're updating ??

Or is this because it was the link in a test-mail that I used ??

davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

ddbios, correct. You need to test by sending an actual email to yourself, rather than a preview email which does not contain the kind of data it needs to pass to the preference center.

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