Double CNAME


First of all - thank you for great marketing tool! You guys are doing great product!

Question - How can resolve that?


One of my biggest client is asking to send emails via their own domain - I told them - we have to create custom domain! So, the basic process is very simple - you know that - Login in -> Customize -> Set up my custom domain -> create custom domain and send CNAME instructions to client. After that client is creating CNAME record in his DNS panel, BUT there is big problem - as you know CNAME date must contain
- if client's admin will know - I'm sure that they will broke contract with me, cause they will easy find that this is CampaignMonitor - not my own product.

So - one of my idea was(is) - I will send to my client different CNAME record data - see example below:

How can I do this New method?? - technically that must work, true? But it's not working in any way.
Help me to figure out this problem and offer to my client great solution!


Ken Ken, 7 years ago

Hi Robert,

Technically it should work but most references will suggest it should be avoided because it could create a loop.  I'd guess that if it's not working, then its because your implementation of DNS (or your DNS resolver ) is not allowing it to work.

This reference from shows that it can be done:

We would need the actual record details to see what the problem is.  It could just be a simple syntax error that's causing it not to work.


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