Schedule reports

Is there anyone who knows if it is possible to schedule reports out in the future, for example a week ahead, I could really use this function so that it was sent to me by Email on an already predetermined time.

davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

Hi Tommy,

You can certainly use our tools to schedule an email to be sent out in the future, is this what you mean?

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Tommy, 7 years ago

Hi Davida
No it is not quite what I mean.
What I want, is to plan an export of reports (from a campaign) to a predetermined date, as for example one week after delivery.

Stig Stig, 7 years ago

Hi Tommy,

Thanks for clarifying. That's not something that's possible at this point.

Do you have any thoughts on how this should work? Which format should the reports be in? How would you like to receive them? What data should be included?


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Tommy, 7 years ago

Hi Stig

For a start it would be fantastic if we could just get the report "Snapshot - Summary of campaign results to date." as a pdf, just like today, when you click "Export report" button in the tab "Reports"
But I would greatly appreciate also to get other reports, such as
- Recipient Activity
- Link Click Activity
- Opens & Clicks Overtime
- Email Client Usage
- Bounce Summary

I would love if it was possible to choose the format of the selected report(s) - CSV, Tab Delimited, or PDF.

Then I could imagine that it would make sense that the reports could be sent to three different email addresses (1 for client 1 to the designer, and 1 to ?)

The process could look like this ....
1. Would you like to receive automatic report(s) on this campaign? click yes or no.
2. if yes. on what date you would you like to receive the report(s)? select from the calendar.
3. What reports would you like to receive?
4. checkbox "snapshot (PDF)"
5. Checkbox "Recipient Activity" Dropdown (CSV, Tab, PDF)
6. Checkbox "Link Click Activity" Dropdown (CSV, Tab, PDF)
7. Checkbox "Opens & Clicks Overtime" Dropdown (CSV, Tab, PDF)
8. Checkbox "Email Client Usage" Dropdown (CSV, Tab, PDF)
9. Checkbox "Bounce Summary" Dropdown (CSV, Tab, PDF)
10. Text Field (recipient email addresses)

It was just what I had in mind, (because i could use such a feature)
Im sure you can do it different / smarter. :-)

But I'm sure there are many who will use the feature when it is here :-)

looking forward to trying the new feature in action :-)

Stig Stig, 7 years ago

Hi Tommy,

Thanks for the detailed description, we really appreciate you taking the time.

We've recorded this as a feature request, and if it's something a lot of customers ask for, we'll definitely consider it.


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ericdevos ericdevos, 6 years ago

I'll add a vote for this feature.
Especially for some of our clients that are sending 70+ campaigns simultaneously, this would be a time saver!

lsilver, 6 years ago


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