strategy for managing segmented lists offline

Hi all,

we've been using the API for simple stuff for a while now but haven't really got our head around management of lists for 'conversations' rather than 'fire and forget' newsletters. E.g. we have a segmented list of 500 people to invite to an event, and we send the initial 500 emails. No spam complaints, 2 unsubscribes and about 100 respond to the call to action. We still want the list for future event mailings, but now we want to send a reminder nearer the time to the 100 that responded.

Do we manually create/upload a second list/segment for these reminders and send the campaign, or is there now an established best practice for using campaign monitor/mailbuild for these conversations?

Is anyone else using an offline tool to manage segments better than the cm list segments?

All replies appreciated!



OliverP, 7 years ago

This probably wont help you now, but I thought about it and had a possible scenario. If you had your 500 list offline, when you send the initial invite, tag all the call to action links in the email with the subscriber ID (that you have in your offline database), e.g. When a respondant clicks on the link, your CRM/Website pulls out the email address of the respondant and adds that respondant to a new CM list.

davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

If your call to action was a trackable link, you can certainly build a segment based off that. You can create a rule based on Campaign was Opened - Specific link clicked. Otherwise if that segment isn't accurate to everyone who actually took the call to action it's likely you'd want to create a separate list to email these subscribers.

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