Design busted in Outlook but fine in all the rest...

Hi All,

I'm at wits end.  Even on a very simple template like the one I reference below, my client is experiencing issues in Outlook (2007+).  Doesn't seem to matter if I do things old school, with tables, or new school with all css….each campaign still comes up with issues.

The template is here

The screenshot of outlook is here

It works totally fine in Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo.

Any thoughts or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


BThies BThies, 7 years ago

Hi Monolith,

I took a look at the CSS and here are the main issues:

- Floats are not supported in all e-mail clients - use old-school tables
- Margin & Padding are not fully supported - use nested tables to create horizontal spacing and <DIV>'s to create vertical spacing.  (i.e. <DIV style="font-size:8px;">&nbsp;</DIV>)
- Overflow is not supported
- Align text using inline style in the DIV or P using align="left", align="right, etc.

Overall it was designed using techniques for websites, but e-mails require old-school methods to be fully compatible.

Brian Thies
Professional Email Developer
Thies Publishing
BThies BThies, 7 years ago

Privately e-mailed.

Brian Thies
Professional Email Developer
Thies Publishing

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