A client send me back an email...bit in reports he did not open it!


first i like to thanks you members of CM. What a beautiful tool you made ! What could i want more ? Mmmm maybe a French version of the API but i've seen on this forum that it's not a task for the immediate future. Too bad !

Anyway here is my question. A client asked me recently a question which left me puzzled.
It apperas that one of his subscribers send him back an the email of his last campaign , so he received it. But when you look at the report it appears that this subscriber did not open ? How is it possible ?

Many thanks for your patience bu reading me and big sorry for my english.


Stig Stig, 7 years ago

Hi Emmanuel,

Thanks for the great feedback.

The most probable explanation to your question is that the subscriber opened the email, but didn't load the images. Open tracking in emails relies on a hidden image being downloaded in the email client (explained here).

Also, did you mean a French version of the API, or of the user interface. While we're not planning localization for the user interface, you can of course use whatever language you'd like for any interface you integrate with our API.


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BiduleChose, 7 years ago

Hi Stig,

Thank you for your quick answer. Ir's perfectly clear !

And yes i was meaning a French version of the interface. I have seen on many posts that lots of people asked you the possibility of a translate interface. By doing this CM will be the new Google ! In terms of success i only want to say ;-)

Thanks again and keep going on you are a great leading source of inspiration.


BiduleChose, 7 years ago

PS: C'mon Tsonga !

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