Exporting a sent email (created by template) to a PDF?


For the majority of our clients, they have access to their own account and edit a pre-designed template that we have uploaded for them.  Is there anywhere in the Campaign Monitor functions that allows you to export the "sent" email to a PDF?  Just so they can have a PDF version of each email sent out. 

Obviously there are other ways round this, but just wondered if there was a function already exsiting that we have just not come across before?

Many thanks

Diana Diana, 7 years ago

Hi Michelle,

There isn't, sorry. Your best bet in that case would be to "print" the sent campaign as a PDF using a pdf print driver (a search should give you a ton). Printing HTML and CSS never gives the best results though so if you take a screenshot first and then make a PDF out of that you'll get the best display.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
eean, 7 years ago

I found another way to do this.. .

This can be achieved only with Internet Explorer 7&8 or Firefox 2&3 with an add-on called 'pdf download' (http://www.pdfdownload.org/index.html).. .download and install appropriate version.

1.In the emailer system-create campaign-when finished go back to 'Overview'.
2.Choose campaign-'Content'-click 'view a preview' link.
3.Copy the URL address at the top of the pop-up.
4.Paste URL into internet browser (see details above)
5.Click 'File' at the top/left of the page- 'Save Page as PDF'
6.Wait a minute for 'pdf download' to work its magic.
7. 'Save file'

Hope it helps.. .


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