Sending to part of a list

One of my clients has a number of large subscriber lists.  They often want to sent out campaigns to a particular list over a number of days to avoid slamming their customer service department with too many support requests at one time.  I currently add a field called "segment" to these lists so I can split lists into separate sections, but that does not provide a lot of flexibility.  For example, I recently uploaded a list that I thought was going to divided into 2 parts, but the client now informs me that they may want to split the list into 4 parts.

Does CM offer another, more flexible way to segment lists by subscriber count? 

If not, I'd like to add this as a feature request.  One idea would be for CM to assign a numeric identifier (primary key) to the list records and then add less than/greater than functionality to your segmentation tool.  It would be great, for example, if I could create segments based on the following criteria--  Segment 1:  ID is less than 30,000; Segment 2:  ID is greater than 30,000 AND ID is less than 60,000; etc.


Robert Sedor
Digital Arts

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Hi Rob,

Thanks for the suggestion. Right now we don't have that feature, but a custom field with an ID would be the way to go for you, you could replicate the segments you describe.

We'll certainly record that as a feature request for future consideration though.

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robsedor, 7 years ago

Thanks Matthew.

I'm using the numeric ID now, but it is a bit clunky to balance the segments after removal of bad email addresses.  Adding a feature to split lists based on count would be great.


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