Campaign Looses Images

Hi All,

Hope someone can help. I created a new campaign and imported the newsletter and images via the URL option (rather than upload from PC).

I sent a test email and all seemed fine.

I then ran an A/B test but the images wouldn't display.

I re-imported the campaign from the URL and sent a test. The images then displayed.

I made an alteration to the campaign, sent a test and the images disappeared.

Re-imported the campaign again and it works.

Has anyone else had this sort of problem? I checked with support and they said that I wasn't importing the images!

I guess questions I have are:

1) If you import via the URL, do the images copy over or are they referenced to our server?
2) If I make any alterations to the campaign, do I need to re-import the newsletter again?

Thanks in advanced

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

I'm sorry if you didn't get the help you needed from support, we'd definitely need to get more information from you to be able to replicate any issue.

When you import from a URL, the html and the images are copied into our servers, so if you later change the original web page at the URL, your campaign is not impacted at all.

You would need to reimport the email again to update your campaign draft.

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