I think it would be great to segment lists based on the location/radius. Could be useful for some local advertising.

When you got the locations, it would be neat to be able to send out one campaign to all subscribers at different times as well - depending on their time zone. So every subscriber gets the mail at lunchtime, no matter in which timezone it is. Otherwise, you can't really have a "perfect" time for delivering your mail because everyone lives in a different timezone.

Plus, displaying the location - perhaps combined with the timezones - of the subscribers in the reports would be really useful - probably even more important for me than segmenting the lists based on the location.

Should be possible to automatically get the subscribers location when he clicks a link/opens the campaign, right? At least MailChimp says so. ;)


Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Thanks for the suggestion, we'll certainly consider that as a future possibility. It is possible to get *a* location for people, although it isn't always accurate. You can see that from the banner ads which try to mention your local area. Sometimes they are close, sometimes wildly wrong.

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