Direct Link to Preference Center and Unsubscribe?


Another issue, a new topic.... As far as I can tell, there's no way to directly link to the preference center or unsubscribe functionality of Campaign Monitor.  Is this correct?  I ask as I'm working on an integration through our website, and it would be exceedingly helpful to provide that link to people where applicable.

Lacking that, I figured my other option was to recreate that functionality on my website and sync via the API.  However, none of the existing API subscriber functions allow updating an existing subscribed user's preferences without them being sent another confirmation email. Per the API for Subscriber.AddWithCustomFields:

"If the list has been set as double opt-in, they will be sent the verification email, otherwise they will be sent the confirmation email you have set up for the list being subscribed to."

As we are double opt-in, it appears they would be sent a verification. Is this true even if they're already a confirmed double opt-in subscriber?



jjtiziou, 7 years ago

I think this is what I'm looking for as well... it would be great to be able to put a general link out there, where all users could go, enter their email address, and change their preferences. How do we do this besides the personalized preference center tag inside an email?


davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

Hi Nicole and jj,

You can add an unsubscribe form to your site. The code is available if you visit the unsubscribe settings for the list in question. You are right that there is no direct way to do the preference center; it's a request we get every so often and I'll be happy to add you as a vote for this functionality.

Nicole: yes, if it is double opt-in, they will receive another confirmation email, I'm afraid.

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jjtiziou, 7 years ago

Thanks Davida-

Yes, what I've got in mind is less of an unsubscribe and more of a way for people to just change preferences.. it might mean having them trigger an email being sent to them, which then includes the link to the preference center... or however else you might best do it. But yes, please do count my vote in for this functionality.

Thanks for the prompt followup, and great service in general!

PDD2010, 7 years ago


Please add me as a vote for a hard link for preference centre.  I get a lot of email replies that say "please change my email address to the following..." it would be great to be able to reply with a preference centre link, rather than trying to explain that they should follow the link in the email.


jjtiziou, 7 years ago

I'd still very much like this functionality... it's at the top of my list in terms of feature requests... otherwise, the service is great.

Phil Phil, 7 years ago

Hi Nicole,

Just a quick comment: you can edit an already active subscriber's details with Subscriber.AddWithCustomFields and it won't resend the confirmation or subscription emails. We only send those on initial subscription or if reactivating an unsubscribed/bounced/deleted subscriber. What you're looking for can definitely be done via the API on either single or double opt-in lists. The docs are a little bit un-clear on that point, so i'll update them.

PDD2010 and jjtiziou, i've added your votes to the tally for this feature, but unfortunately can't promise when it will be implemented. Keep giving us your feedback though, we're definitely listening.

trif3cta, 7 years ago


An embeddable Preference Center is something we've encountered a need for several times.

benz, 7 years ago

Is there anyway to determine via the API the URL for the preference center for a given email address and list?
This way you could prompt for an email address and then Ajax in the preference center form once its entered.

brendo, 7 years ago

Just another +1 for a direct preference center link.

In a previous project I've used the unsubscribe link to redirect the user back to a preference center where they can either update their details (uses the API to resubscribe and update their data) or remain unsubscribed (updates our local database with their unsubscribe). It works, but it's a bit nasty.

I have another project coming up that will require exactly the same functionality, so if there was a inbuilt option available with callbacks (like the unsubscribe URL), that'd be magical!

paul.mcgann, 7 years ago

Just anther vote for the preference centre direct link.

I have a project that gets the lists and then the segments and creates a relationship between them and binds to a repeater and checkboxlist.

When a user clicks a checkbox it iterates throught the repeater and builds up an array of the segments then sends this accross using the Subscriber.AddWithCustomFields.

This is quite a difficult task to process due to syncing up of lists and segments and naming conventions ( no 2 segments can be named the same).

NickoLabs NickoLabs, 7 years ago
benz :

Is there anyway to determine via the API the URL for the preference center for a given email address and list?
This way you could prompt for an email address and then Ajax in the preference center form once its entered.

Hmm... but wouldn't it then be easy to simply type in some random email (or even use a database), and modify the preferences of anyone, or even unsubscribe the individual?

I guess we would have to secure the form behind a login, using the email that particular user has provided on sign up.

I'd also add +1 to this features... which might be complex to add.

Nickolas Simard
Multimedia integrator: Strategy & Web development
jongarner, 7 years ago

Another +1 for a direct link to Preference Center. I'm new to Campaign Monitor, and am moving my organisation onto your platform. In trying to create a well integrated experience for users across our website and email, I've already written the page that invites users to login and change their preferences.

Only now I've found that this link doesn't exist.

Anyway, still finding Campaign Monitor a great product. Cheers, Jon

Phil Phil, 7 years ago

G'day everyone,

Just a quick note to let you know that i've added your votes to this feature request.

Unfortunately we can't promise when we'll be implementing this, but don't forget in the meantime that you can always implement your own preference centre by means of these two API methods:
1. List.GetCustomFields - returns all the custom fields (and available options in the case of multi-option fields)
2. Subscriber.GetSingleSubscriber - returns the current settings for an individual subscriber
3. Subscriber.AddAndResubscribeWithCustomFields - allows you to change the custom field settings and resubscribe (if desired) a single subscriber

That might not be as simple as dropping in the preference centre, but it does provide you with the freedom of more tightly integrating preference-centre-like functionality into an existing page design.

stinhambo stinhambo, 6 years ago

Any update to this? I just realised that we can't link directly to this page so clients can check which lists they want to be part of.

OfferZone, 5 years ago

Hi there, this functionality would be great. Please +1 for me too...or even better let me know that you've already made this available ;-) Cheers

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi OfferZone, welcome to the forums! I'll certainly add your vote for this and keep you posted. Sorry I don't have any updates for now, but it's still on the radar for us here.

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