Suggestion: List failed import contacts


It would be SO helpful if this were implemented.  When importing contacts, there are invariably a few that fail for one reason or another (be it a duplicate, on the suppression list, etc.).  At the moment, you just get a really unhelpful message "X number of contacts failed".  What I think most people that manage lists would like to do is pull of a report of all those that failed on import.

Screenshot of how it is now:

An extra tab alongside Active/Unsubscribed/Bounced/Deleted called something like "Failed Imports" that listed all the email addresses that have failed, the date/time they had tried to be added, and a quick description (eg. Duplicate, Suppressed, etc.) would be much more useful than "X number of contacts failed".  We'd then be able to go back to our CRM system and follow up on all those that failed.

Best wishes,

niphal niphal, 7 years ago

Oh that would be so sweet, I wouldn't even care about the detail I just would like to have an export of those who didn't make the cut.

+1 my vote.

Andrew Beeston
Brown Box email design & management.
roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

Hi niphal and simonbyrne, thank you for your awesome feedback on this! We're looking into how we can provide more information on the import of duplicate/suppressed contacts, so we'll let you know when more details come to light. Keep sending in your feedback - we agree that subscriber management should be a little more verbose and really appreciate your input.

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