Subscriber form not working

I recently generated a subscribe form for my e-newsletter. Unfortunately, after I copied and pasted the basic form HTML into my HTML, the form will not work. The form shows up on the page, but after entering a test email I checked the subscriber list I set it up for and it wasn't there. I tried to follow the FAQ tutorial to make sure I was doing it right, but I am almost certain I did something wrong.

Does anyone have any advice?



Diana Diana, 7 years ago

Hi Kathleen,

Can you post the URL to where you form is hosted? We can take a look at the live code and see if it looks correct. If you don't want to post it here go ahead and send an email to support and we can take a look for you.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
jonthomas, 7 years ago

If you copied it through microsoft word then it is almost certain that is removed the proper tags and changed them. If you copy and paste then make sure that you do not copy it to microsoft word first. use notepad if you are going to place it somewhere before you paste it.

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denniscurtains, 7 years ago

I copied it to MS word and it removed the tags. Now that Im using notepad it is working.

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