Sending 100,000+ Signup Invitations

My client has lots of employees each with lots of contacts. This client would like to encourage its employees to send out personalised emails to each of their known contacts, inviting them to signup to their email newsletter. In total this could mean sending out over 100,000 unique email invites from approximately 2,000 employees.

The client does not have a CRM system. Currently I manage this by requesting that employees send me their list of contacts before they send out any invites. I then run these contacts past a central list (I call it a scrub list) to ensure none have been invited by anyone else before and to make sure they are not already subscribed. I then send the employees back a 'green list' of contacts who they are free to invite.

Obviously this is an immensly time consuming process. Are there any systems out there that could allow my clients employees to send out their own invites, ensuring that no duplications are ever sent and that their contacts are managed respectfully?

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