Campaign send to a list of 3175, but delivered to 3183?

I am quite new to Campaign Monitor, just emailed yesterday my second campaign, my list had 3175 active emails, but it came back as been delivered to 3183 recipients, how is that possible?
If anyone had this kind of experience or knows what could be the reason I will very much appreciate you feedback, thank you very much for your help.

Diana Diana, 7 years ago


Without being able to see your list and campaign I can't say for certain but it's likely that you campaign was sent to 3,183 recipients and after hard bounces and unsubscribes have been removed you currently have 3,175 active subscribers.

If you saw 3,175 before mailing perhaps a few more were added before it went out, especially if you have a subscribe form tied to the list.

D. Potter
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