Any PSD files available of CampaignMonitor marketing materials

I'm looking to rebrand CampaignMonitor and would like some raw PSD files of marketing materials/screenshots that I could rebrand.

Anything available?

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

We have some screenshots and copy at

You can always take screenshots of your own rebranded account too, which will help with customising your site.

Get in touch with us on Twitter:
We're also on Facebook:
jensenkd, 7 years ago

Thanks Mathew.  My goal was to use photoshop to mockup some branded (report) images.

Since I currently don't have any reports with the volume of the Campaignmonitor screenshots, this would have been helpful. 

I can't slice up the .jpgs though.

PSDs of those images on the post would be perfect!

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