CM Integration with FileMaker


We are interested in hiring a developer to assist with the integration between our FileMaker based CRM tool and CM.  In searching the forums, I don't find many references to FileMaker.  Please let us know if you have any suggestions as to how some form of the CM API could be utilized to facilitate this integration.


redidesi, 7 years ago

Hi Paul (great name!!),
I am interested in knowing more about this too for my Filemaker CRM that I have built!
I did mange to create a method of easily adding a contact into the CM database from my FM layout though if that helps?

In a nut shell I did these steps:
Create the database and get the form code for it.
Create a html page with that form somewhere on your site.
In FM insert a web viewer element in the same layout as where you have the contact name fields and put in this address:
"" & Client Contact::First Name & "&cm-jkjhz-jkjhz=" & Client Contact::email

cm-name & cm-jkjhz-jkjhz are the names of my input fields in the html page. Client Contact::First Name and Client Contact::email are my FM field names.

So this is not really a full integration but it is a really easy way to add your contacts from FM straight into CM very easily.

Hope this makes sense! If anyone does have any other methods of using Filemaker with CM it would be great to hear it!



shane, 7 years ago

Hi Paul,

I can think of a couple of different ways this could be approached. I've been working with the CM API on a variety of projects now. If you still need help with this, please drop me an email at shane at shaneiseminger dot com.



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