Setting Confirmed status when loading subscribers using the API

How do I set confirmed status when using the API -  It appears that it is done automagically when you load a CSV file etc but not using the API -  subscribers sit as waiting to be confirmed and no emails are sent.  Can add , retrieve fine - just can set confirmed or even retrieve those names that are in this status.

I'm using C#


mltsy mltsy, 7 years ago

If you add a *new* subscriber to a double-opt-in list via the API, it should send out the verification e-mail to that subscriber... the only time that shouldn't happen is if their status is "unconfirmed" (in which case it's not really a new subscriber).  That caused me some confusion at least.  You should be able to force the re-subscription even on unconfirmed users by using Subscribers.AddAndResubscribe - which should send another verification e-mail even if they already have an unconfirmed status... my list isn't double-opt in, so I haven't tested this.

Is something else not working as described?

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