Client having strange issues with adding subscribers the site

One of our clients regularly uses the web site to add subscribers to their list on a manual basis. Until yesterday never a problem but the last couple of days they have reported a strange issue which we cannot replicate here.

When they go to the "Add subscribers" area and type in email addresses then press the button that page refreshes but no-one is added. One thing they have noticed is that the sample email address and name that is normally in the box by default is not there????

They have tried adding them via a CSV file upload and get to the ‘OK to use/Not OK’ screen, but when they press proceed the screen just refreshes.

I have asked them for OS and Browser version and got the following reply...

"Our system here works via Citrix – all our applications are accessed through its Program Neighbourhood. I’m on a Winterm, whilst I also tried using a colleagues PC to add subscribers. Both attempts were with IE7, being the only browser we have available to us.Yet I’ve had no problems at all adding subscribers through the above mechanisms until yesterday!"

Anyone got any ideas?

Stig Stig, 7 years ago

Hi Mark,

If you email us the client name, and the URL to the form, we'll have a look at it for you.


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SelectMailer SelectMailer, 7 years ago

Cheers Stig, on it's way!


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