Multiple Newsetter Topics?

I've been experimenting with the campaign monitor lists and was wondering if anyone had any advice with regards to sending emails to people who can subscribe to multiple topics of newsletters.

For example, I might have 3 newsletter topics that I'm emailing out every month:
• Best new music of the month
• Best new film releases of the month
• Best YouTube videos of the month

I want people to be able to tick the boxes relating to the newsletters they want to receive.

I had two ideas about how this can be achieved. Firstly, you could have 3 separate lists in CM, but then they would contain duplicates.

My other idea was to have a single list in CM and use the segmentation tools to divide the list based upon the multiple custom fields.

However I was wondering what happens if they unsubscribe - does it allow them to change their preferences for which newsletter topics they want to receive?

If it just removes them completely from all newsletters, is there a way to let them edit their preferences to change which of the newsletter topics they receive?

I had a look in the API but I couldn't see any methods under the User section.

Thanks in advance.

davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

By setting up custom fields and segments within your subscriber list based on the types of emails you send, you can easily allow your subscribers to change any kind of preference you desire by using our Preference Center to allow people to manage their subscriptions.

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George George, 7 years ago

Hi, I have a similar issue.

I need to know if it's possible on the subscription form, to subscribe users by default to all my 'Interested in' topics?

I advertise exhibition opportunities all over the country and we think subscribers like to be notified about each opportunity the first time, but will want to uncheck some events from their preferences once they decide they are too far away/can't attend.

I do use the <preferences> links to allow them to uncheck events they're not interested in, but how can I get them to sign up via our website as interested in all events at first?

Thanks for your help :o)

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

Hi George, welcome to the forums! This one is a tad tricky, as you can't currently add new subscribers to a default segment (eg. 'Interested in: All events'), unless you use our API. The most intuitive solution would be to allow your subscribers to state their preferences on the subscription form when they sign up for your newsletters. This checkbox form might not be the most convenient thing to add to your site, if you cover a lot of cities in the UK.

We're looking at improving the ways in which you can interact with new subscribers in the coming months, so we'll let you know when an alternative solution makes itself present. All the best!

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PDD2010, 7 years ago


I would like to add a question

on the subscriber preferences form, is it possible to display a drop down for segments available?  Otherwise how does the subscriber know what is available - since it is a text field?


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