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We currently use a different email marketing provider but are getting frustrated with every feature being a paid addon. CM looks like it might do everything we need but I'm not 100% sure from the website, so could anyone tell me if/how these things are possible:

1. Targetting people that have never opened an email / opened no more than a set number of emails (to try and see if they're actually interested or if we should just unsubscribe them)

2. Trial subject lines, e.g. set up subject line variations and automatically divide the mailing list so that they are spread evenly to compare results. This may be something that should be handled by the end user (our client) but my experience is that people expect the email system to handle everything!

3. Set up an auto response for new signups with a custom email (at the moment we're stuck with a plain 'thankyou for signing up to the X newsletter')

Hopefully all these things are possible and I can convince my boss we should be moving to CM! (even though the billing is still awkward for us...)


davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

Hi Colin,

1. Yes, you can target people who have never opened an email by using our segments tool. However, automatically unsubscribing them is not always a good idea because tracking technology is only an estimate. You can read here to see why.

2. Yep, we have A/B testing available.

3. Absolutely, you can create custom subscriber confirmation email.

Sounds like we have all your needs covered, let us know if you have any more questions.

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