Does deleting one list remove those subscribers from other lists?

I have run a resubscribe campaign to get more data from my subscribers. Those people now exist in the old lists, and in the new list they've resubscribed to.

I'd like to delete the old lists but it says that "Checking this option and clicking the 'Delete' button will completely delete this subscriber list and all subscribers from your account".

My question is will this then delete the subscribers from the new list?

I could export the new list and then reimport it, but would those that had been deleted from the old lists reimport properly?

Diana Diana, 7 years ago

Hi Tom,

Deleting the list only deletes that list and that instance of those subscribers. It won't affect them on any other lists.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
Tom Lambregts, 7 years ago

Thanks Diana!

j0n0m, 7 years ago

Hi Diana, just clarifying - if I delete a list for spring cleaning (say of imported contacts that I may re-import later) will that add anybody from that list to the suppression list or is it quite safe?

Diana Diana, 7 years ago


As long as you're deleting the list (clicking the trash can icon and removing it entirely) and not the subscribers, it'll be fine, no subscribers will be suppressed elsewhere. The only time suppressions happen is if you unsubscribe a subscriber or if they unsubscribe or hard bounce from a campaign.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
Lisa, 6 years ago

If you add a subscriber to a new list and then delete them from the old list will it remove them alltogether?

davidaf davidaf, 6 years ago

Hi Lisa,

If you choose to delete them, it will only remove them from the list you are deleting them on. If they exist on any other lists, they won't be touched. If you unsubscribe them, then it will remove them from all lists.

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