Delivered to Spam Folder for Some, but OK for Others

Hi.  We send a copy of all outbound emails to a list of several dozen employees in our company.  This past week I've started getting reports that some of these emails are going into the spam folder for some people, but other people receive the same email fine.  Can anyone shed light on why some people would get the email but others wouldn't at the same company? Thanks

8088y80y, 9 years ago

I am also interested in why this is happening with my clients. Any ideas?

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

It could be that they have spam filters which are 'trained' - they all start out the same but based on the specific email the person is getting, try to get smarter about filtering.

That can mean one persons filter throwing something into junk and another not. Also, some may have whitelisted your 'from' address.

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