Confirm unsubscribe by email - is this possible?

I have a client who would like the unsubscribe process to be confirmed by email, instead of just via a single click.  At the moment we have the normal unsubscribe link in the email campaigns, plus an unsubscribe form on the site.

So basically they want it to work like this:

-the user enters their email into the unsubscribe form
-an email is sent to their email address
-within this email is a confirm unsubscribe link

I personally don't think it's necessary, but the client's reasoning is that their competitors could unsubscribe people from the list by using the unsubscribe form on the site, because there's no checks or confirmation that they are the real owners of the email address.

So is there any way of doing this?


Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

We don't have that option I'm afraid, although you could use the API to build an unsubscribe that works in that way. In reality it is probably not a common problem -they could just not have a web unsubscribe form and let people unsubscribe just from the emails if it is a huge issue.

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