Is there a tag for the sender email, not the recipients email?

I want to add into clients template:
'Don't miss our emails, add to your address book'
to encourage them to whitelist the from email address. But I havent found a tag in your list for this, is this possible?
And if not could you add it to the wishlist please.

davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

Hi Clare,

I'm afraid not, since we only allow a single "from" email address for each campaign there's really no need for a tag, there's nothing to dynamically create for each recipient. You will need to simply hard-code the correct email address in there for this.

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thenewline, 6 years ago

Hi Davida,

I have the same need as Clare. Although I understand your reasoning that the sender email address does not change between recipients, it may change between campaigns. Hard coding this email address into the template defeats the purpose of having the flexibility to specify a different sender email for each campaign and also it is inefficient to create multiple email templates just to have different email sender 'hard coded' into the template itself.

Please look into this request since you'll be seeing this type of request more frequently as designers will want to add the call-to-action in their email templates that asks the recipients to add the sender email address to their address book.

Thanks for considering this.


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