Multiple lists cross check

I've imported 2 lists for a client and I'm about to import a third. Is there a way during import, to check if the recipients in this 3rd list are already imported in previous lists and automatically deleted?

Thank you in advance.

Dave Dave, 10 years ago

Hi Yannis,

We check for duplicates on a list by list basis, meaning we allow duplicates across multiple lists. So in your case, the import of the third list wouldn't check for duplicates in the first two.

Having said that, we do remove duplicates across lists when sending to multiple lists. So, if you sent a campaign to all three lists, we wouldn't send multiple copies, and none of your subscribers would receive the same email twice.

cheshiregrrrl, 9 years ago

Bouncing off of this old thread, I was wondering if I send Campaign#1 to lists A and B, then resend Campaign#1 to a new list C, will the second send of the campaign be delivered to recipients on list C that are dupes of A and B?

Rare case, but it does happen.


Stig Stig, 9 years ago

Hi cheshiregrrl,
that's excactly what would happen.

This could be solved by combining all the lists to one, and adding a custom field to separate them. That way, you can have more control over who you're sending to by using segments.


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