Repeating news article link

I'm would like to create a repeating news article link that consists of a title that links to the story, a short summary and then a read more/full story link which is the same link as the title. How do i create the link? Here's what i have so far:

                         <h4><$title link='true' default='Enter Title Here'$></h4>
                         <p><$description default='Enter articlesummary here'$></p>

davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

I'm afraid we don't have a way to include a 'read more' type link in the repeater, although it is a feature that we get asked for from time to time. At this point it's something you'd have to hard code into your default text for your client to highlight and change the link of in the editor.

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neonWired, 7 years ago

How would i do that? Ideally i'm trying to avoid them having to enter the same link twice, once for title and once for the read more link.

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