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Hi everyone,
We have several lists and am looking to embed a form on our site that allows you to see all our lists at once.  Currently what I can do is have a subscribe form for a particular list with additional lists as opt-in attached to it.

Users will be sent to this page for any given list so I can't set one list as main (as people may want to only subscribe to one particular list not just the main one).

I hope that makes sense, help would be appreciated.

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

you could do this via the API, but the simplest technique is just to have one overall master list, which you never actually send to.

Then you create a subscribe form for that master list, and all the actual lists you want to use are added as optional check boxes underneath it.

You'd only send to those optional lists of course.

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taipsta taipsta, 7 years ago

Many thanks Mathew, API sounds good but the second solution I like better.  Cheers...


BraceRosso, 7 years ago

Great suggestion Mathew.  At first I thought that would mean having to use up the already limited 10 custom fields to determine which list someone was getting assigned to, but the multiple options field type can be used to add plenty of terms which can then be displayed as check boxes when generating the form code.

Diana Diana, 7 years ago


If you're using the multiple lists method with 1 master list and option boxes for other lists the option boxes don't count at all against your custom fields. You can also work with segments all within 1 list, and in that case your "list" field would just be 1 field with multiple options.

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