Account Info

Is there any way to get basic account info from the api? (account name, account url)

Most APIs have a version of this and it seems like Campaign Monitor doesn't.

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

It isn't part of the API at the moment - can you elaborate on what you would do with that information? You obviously would already need the API keys to be able to access any information at all.

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aaronchi, 7 years ago

I'm building an app where the user can add multiple accounts from different services. Right now, there is no way to identify what site/account a campaign monitor account is associated with because the only identifier is the api-key

I'd just like some basic details like the account subdomain to identify the account. Other services include more details in their account api. Highrise for example:

spiegeldg spiegeldg, 7 years ago

We're thinking about making public our synchronization tool that automatically (every 15 minutes) pushes all of your Highrise email addresses into your CampaignMonitor account. We're pretty close to having this fully operational for mass use, but I wanted to shout out to the CM community first and see if anyone had any specific requirements, ideas, features, etc. We'd of course like to know if anyone was interested in this service as well (besides us). Send us your feedback or interest: -- Thanks!

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