Sign Up Form

Resellers just want a sign up form for thier own branded sites to do Client.Create -Client.UpdateAccessAndBilling and Template.Create in one go - so that users can sign up and start using thier account - please can someone just put this together and post it visibly for us all to use in php. Please!!!

reldridge, 7 years ago

I would really like this option as well..  All the PHP steps have been created, why not just finish the process for an easy upload to your clients servers for them to start gaining customers..  This would give more of us without developmental skill to use the re-branding service to its fullest, which will get campaign monitor more clients.


Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Thanks for the suggestion - the API is the best way to go on this, because it gives you the full flexibility to do exactly what you want. It's hard to post PHP that will just work for everyone though, because of different hosting environments and capabilities.

If you don't have any developers around to help you, just creating a form which lets potential customers email you directly, and manually adding them, will work fine.

Most of the the time, you do need to do some checking to make sure they are legitimate and have permission before letting them send anyway, so some manual steps are already involved.

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