Unable to Upload via URL

Keep getting 'invalid' message when I try to upload.  It's the same template I use all the time.  At one point saw a different message saying it had to be *.htm or *.html (my files are always *.asp) but even converting to htm didn't make it work.

Diana Diana, 7 years ago

Hi Rynert,

Is there anything on your server that would prevent spidering or other similar traffic? It could be a recently made change or something along those lines. Any settings like that would prevent us from importing from a URL.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
Rynert, 7 years ago

Not that I know of.  Can you test it?  I raised a support ticket that contained the URL I was trying.

Rynert, 7 years ago

Not heard back from Support on this - can you help?

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