Adding Images to an email.. You'd think it be simple? Good Daymate!!!

Love the concept, struggling with the application though. Please help!

I've uploaded a simple template (one of the free ones provided) and all I want is to add in an image. However whenever I add the image from the online editor it resizes it to 20px x 10px... I need to it be 250x125. I've been ...through all the docs on the website and nothing is working. Really need know how this works. Otherwise my clients cant add images to their templates :-( If someone could get back to me on a fix for this that would be great...!

Also, I've added the code into the HTML and it still doesn't really work. I really like campaign monitor. The whole system is a great idea. However without a simple way to add images to an e-mail that works effectively it makes things difficult!

And frustrating!

Please help.. Here's my code...

        <td width="316" align="left" valign="top" class="mainbar">
                           <h4 class="meta"><$currentdayname$> <$currentday$>, <$currentmonthname$> <$currentyear$></h4>
                           <repeater toc='true'>
                              <h2><$title link='true' default='Enter your title'$></h2>
                              <img src="<$imagesrc link='false'$>" width="72" height="72" alt="Main Content Inline Small" align="left" hspace="10">
                              <$description default='<p>Enter your description</p>'$>
                              <img src="<$imagesrc link='true' default='peugeot-wins-3-whatcar--awards-hdr.jpg'$>" width="200"></a>
                             <p class="top"><a href="#top">back to top</a></p>
                           </repeater>                        <p>&nbsp;</p>

fyredefyre fyredefyre, 7 years ago

From what I can see of the code it looks like you should be defining the dimensions of your images more accurately. If you want to enforce the correct size I'd update your HTML to show the width as "250" within your image tags. The editor should then enforce this width as a maximum and show the image accordingly. Height at this stage isn't an important but there to be set if you wish.

If it's still giving you grief it may be something to do with your HTML. Happy to assist offline if you need some help. - Everything Email.
Email: Skype: fyredefyre
Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Yes, your template should define the maximum width, so if you want a larger image, you'd define that in the template.

Please contact us via support if you can't get it all working and we can look at your template in action.

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