optional part of a template

How do you create an optional bit of code in a  template?

raestanton, 7 years ago

I had success by including an entire section within a <repeater>, like this:

<div class="sideBox">
  <h3><$title link='true' default='Enter your title'$></h3>
  <$description default='<p>Enter your description</p>'$>

If the user deletes the section then everything simply disappears!

See if that works for you.

neonWired, 7 years ago

Thanks, haven't tried that yet but it should work.

brendan, 7 years ago

While this does work most of the time - it's a bit limiting when you already have repeating items in a block of code you want to make optional.

Could CampaignMonitor pretty please add an <optional> tag of some sort? :)


Eystein, 7 years ago
raestanton :

I had success by including an entire section within a <repeater>

That's brilliant, I hadn't thought about that. Thanks!

Edit: also, it works in my template.

derick2499, 7 years ago

thanks for the post

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